24H Day Cream Guava & Donkey Milk | For Dry Skins

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with Donkey Milk , Extracts of fruit Guava Stem Cell & Panthenol B5 , 50ml

Young Skins


Ideal for young skins, for use in dry skin, gives deep hydration, rich in antioxidants, it helps in acne problems.

The guava fruit stem cells is a source of B-complex vitamins such as pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin E, and K and minerals like magnesium, copper, and manganese.
The guava fruit is rich in lycopene which prevents skin damage from UV rays .It contains Vitamin C which offers strong protection against skin aging.

The combination of Panthenol B5 offers in our skin elasticity and hydration, consorts with the donkey milk that gives the vitamins and collagen for skin for 24 skin protection.



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