About Us

About Mirrini

Mirrini is a purely Greek company that was created with the vision to highlight unique and innovative products from Greek soil to every person around the world. Greece’s Geographical position and climate conditions are the reasons that produces high quality natural products which till to date are very little known globally.

Always aiming to natural care, we tried to combine top quality raw materials with scientific innovation so the result to be something special than anything else till now has been produced with this vision Mirrini was created. A family innovative products that is growing constantly, which was created from a purely Greek family business that is indicated even by the logo. A family with a common vision Legend says that when goddess Aphrodite came out from the sea naked, she hid behind a myrtle (mirrini).



This plant with the intoxicating fragrance in ancient times worshiped as the sacred plant of the Paphian Venus. Was widely well known because it was used as an ornamental plant in all ancient temples It was the symbol of beauty and of eternal youth… So our vision was named Mirrini. A name that reflects the company’s philosophy, which as a living organism, as the sacred plant of antiquity, creates value, a symbol of beauty and youth.

Marina Karagiannidou CEO Director
Panos Grigoriadis Product Line Director